Barre and Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy and CORE Barre: The Perfect Pair


CORE barre is a form of exercise that uses high energy, low impact exercises that focus on precision, posture, and body control. It often contains elements of Pilates, ballet, yoga, and strengthening using low weight and high repetitions. It is called “barre” because of the use of a ballet barre to assist with exercises.


Physical therapy is a medical profession dedicated to helping people move better after an injury or illness. Often, a physical therapist will emphasize the importance of specific strengthening, stretching, and postural control to decrease pain and restore movement after injury. 


Dr. Rachel Wyman Dawson, doctor of physical therapy, created On the Move Physical Therapy and Wellness LLC and believes core barre is a beautiful adjunct to injury prevention and recovery. “My favorite part about core barre is focus on posture and specific muscle activation using mostly body weight resistance. It is a form of exercise that you can carry over the principles into your day, and be more aware of how you are moving throughout the day.” 


On the Move Physical Therapy and Wellness LLC provides one-to-one physical therapy services out of the Downtown Barre in Morehead City, NC. When you choose to come to On the Move PT you will get physical therapy the way you deserve; one-to-one care, individualized plans that fit your schedule, and a clear understanding of how to get better faster. 


Doctor Rachel Wyman Dawson is a manual physical therapist who uses trigger point dry needling and other manual techniques to decrease pain and restore normal movement patterns. Combining this with education about posture, core activation, and patient specific exercises allow people to eliminate fear and anxiety associated with their injury and be able to fully participate in life again. 


She treats all muscle and movement injuries including; 


  • plantar fasciitis,
  • foot pain, 
  • back pain, 
  • hip pain, 
  • headaches, 
  • dizziness (including benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or BPPV),
  • knee pain,
  • spinal cord injuries,
  • rotator cuff injuries,
  • shoulder pain,
  • tennis elbow,
  • neck pain


If you can no longer move or participate in daily activities because of pain, injury or illness, working with a doctor of physical therapy can help you to get back to doing the important things in life like playing with your children, walking on the beach, or getting through the workday without pain.


Schedule a free phone consultation with Dr. Dawson by emailing [email protected] or calling or texting (252) 219-0115


Click here to view the Downtown Barre class schedule (offering core barre, cycling, infrared heated yoga and more) by finding the Downtown Barre on the MINDBODY app.