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The Downtown Barre is Morehead City’s only fitness studio offering barre, special indoor cycling classes called Bike & Barre, Bike 40, Infrared Heated Yoga and Barre. The Downtown Barre is the original infrared heated studio in Eastern North Carolina to offer heated barre and yoga classes.

Located at 905 Arendell Street in Morehead City, the Downtown Barre offers clients motivating, challenging workouts in a newly renovated, state of the art, friendly and clean environment.

Whether you choose Barre, Bike & Barre or Infrared Heated Yoga or Barre, you will work hard to tone your core, thighs, glutes and arms while burning fat and revving your metabolism.

Lululemon Mirrors are coming in February. Book a private or semi-private time in our barre or infrared heated space to work out with one of 10,000 classes that the lululemon mirror offers.

Barre Studio

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