Pilates Stick Method Coming to Downtown Barre

Introducing Classical Pilates

to the Infrared Room at the Downtown Barre.

Pilates Stick Method Coming Soon…

We are so excited to announce that the Downtown Barre will be expanding our offerings to give you more options! We have partnered with a nationally certified Pilates teacher to bring you an exciting new program. The Pilates Stick Method is a patented core workout using the classical Pilates methods and apparatus.

We are certifying our teachers this summer and are preparing to install this brand new, exciting equipment at Downtown Barre. This is an opportunity for you to be on the cutting edge of fitness and enhance your current workouts. The Pilates Stick Method is a full body workout using weight/resistance; you’ll feel your arms, legs, core, and back like you never have!  The Downtown Barre will start offering semi-private offerings  on this equipment starting May 25!

Private lesson slots will be on Tuesdays at 10:00, 11:00, and 12:00 for 45 minute sessions and three clients can be in one session together. Cost for a 45 minute session is $30. 

In August, will begin offering the Pilates Stick Method Class with a total of 9 clients and it will be added to our class schedule. (You must take a semi-private before you come to the group class.)